What you need to know when you visit Advantage OT-Workforce Ready clinics:

Your appointment may take as long as four hours.

Depending on your requirements your Work-Force-Ready visit could take up to, or more than four hours, please plan accordingly when scheduling.

Wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing.

As part of your Work-Force-Ready visit, you will be engaged in physical activity, please bring appropriate shoes, clothing or any items which will make your physical activity most comfortable.

Bring a snack or lunch, you will have break time.

During your Work-Force-Ready visit, you will burn calories and likely need to eat. Please bring some ready-to-eat food like fruit, or pre-packaged food that doesn’t require heating or refrigeration.

Bring any special tools related to your job.

Work-Force-Ready is a specialized work simulation clinic designed to mimic your work functions. We have many tools, but if there is gear specific in your work, we ask that you bring it.

Cell phone use is discouraged during procedures.

During clinical testing or rehabilitation procedures, we ask that you refrain from cell phone use as it will distract from your treatment experience.

Smoking in not permitted on clinic property.

There is no smoking permitted during your visit other than during designated break periods at which time, you may only smoke in your vehicle.