We will go the distance to help you succeed.

What to expect from your WorkForce Ready Program:


We are here to help you recover and get back to work, period.

To start your program, an Advantage OT therapist will conduct a baseline functional capacity test. This test is designed to set an activity level for your individualized treatment plan. Your successful recovery is our only goal.


We focus on your specific job requirements to insure success.

You are not just a participant, you have a stake in your treatment. Please let us know about any tools, equipment or work-function issues we can address to insure your program is right for your unique work situation.


The WorkForce Ready program is designed to get you back to work fast and reduce your risk of reinjury.

Work conditioning is a workout and should be treated as such. Proper hydration, stretching, body mechanics, work habits, and nutrition all play a role. Your Advantage OT therapist will provide valuable information that will help you reach your return-to-work goals.